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For children in emergencies, education is lifesaving. Schools give children stability and structure to help cope with the trauma they have experienced. Schools can protect children from the physical dangers around them, including abuse, exploitation and recruitment into armed groups. In many cases, schools also provide children with other lifesaving interventions, such as food, water, sanitation and health. Thousand of Children are displaced due the arm conflict have now become school dropout and they have high enthusiasm in pursuing a better life for them selves, with $ 2 you can buy 5 writing material.Support our Causes to save a child’s future…

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WASH -Hygiene & Health 

Hygiene behavior has a critical influence on the transmission of diseases at various stages, particularly important in emergency situations where disease risk are acute due to overcrowding, poor water and sanitation exposure to new pathogens, low resistance to diseases, and disturbance of familiar and safe habits. The most obvious effects can be observed for fecal –oral or diarrhea diseases. Hygiene practices may also influence the transmission of soil-based diseases (e.g Hookworm), Skin diseases and Disease transmitted by insect-vectors (e.g Malaria), – YOUNG AID intervenes critically intervene in this sector to ensure preparedness against cholera outbreak within IDP camps and Host communities and to also promote proper hygiene practices among the most vulnerable segments of the society.

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Strengthening livelihoods, especially ensuring food security and increasing income opportunities for local communities, is one of the core responsibilities of Young Aid International, Our Livelihoods programs have the sole focus of driving poverty reduction. We aim to increase people’s control of their natural resources, build reliable and fair access to food, and empower the extreme poor through increasing the skills, knowledge and resources they need. – YOUNG AID Project

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Young Aid shelter kit is intended for primary shelter emergencies for Internally Displaced Persons IDP and refugees families to meet their shelter needs in emergency and recovery.

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